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12th June 2024

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Wings of Hope: Mark Palm & Samaritan Aviation

Joel sits down for a conversation with Mark Palm, founder of Samaritan Aviation.

Frederick Buechner famously defines vocation, or calling, as the place where “your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” The joy of having discovered that place is something that Joel and this week’s featured reformer, Mark Palm, have in common. That, and a love of flying.

Mark and his family founded Samaritan Aviation to demonstrate God’s love to the unreached tribes in Papua New Guinea through providing aviation and medical services to those most in need. Their float-plane was the first on the island in 40 years. The stories of hope and healing that have been facilitated by it are incredible and are the fruit we’ve come to expect from God-sized stories.

We were fortunate enough to sit down for an extended conversation with Mark to learn more about his story, how God has channeled his love of flying into a vocation that is far larger than any he could have dreamed for himself. It is our great hope that Mark’s story would help you discover the unique place in your own life where you come alive in the service of love.

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Joel Parker

Joel Parker

Since 2005, Joel has served as founder and CEO of Nations Media. Joel’s passion is to advocate for those working to bring hope to the world's darkest places.