9th December 2022

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The Nations Podcast

Hosted by Joel Parker, the Nations Podcast bears witness to God’s presence in places of pain and persecution. Through interviews with reformers, candid conversations on pressing topics, and feature stories read by writers, the show unites God’s global kingdom and expands imagination through story.

Cheryl Allen | From Dedication to Fascination

This week on the podcast Joel is joined by new co-host, Editorial Director, Joseph Carlson as they explore the life and story of Cheryl Allen.

Podcast Ep. 11 | Melinda Janko

The Nations team was among the minority unsurprised by the revelations, because we have been working on a story with documentary filmmaker and reformer, Melinda Janko.

Dave Eubank: On the Ground in Myanmar Amidst the Coup

We bring you stories and reporting like today’s interview with Dave Eubank, on the crisis and military coup in Myanmar, because we believe a part of faithful participation in the Kingdom of God includes intentionally moving towards those on the margins, even if that is simply listening to a podcast or taking a moment to pray.

Interview with Carol Ward

Carol has spent the last 20 years living and ministering in one of the most dangerous places on the planet: South Sudan and Northern Uganda. She’s a veritable treasure trove of stories that will turn upside-down your notion of what the life of a “normal” Christian could look like.

During the pandemic, “something very extraordinary has happened”

Dominican pastor Oscar Guzman speaks about the local church’s transformation.

Solidarity and Shalom

When Shane Claiborne entered the Zoom call, I could see a low-fidelity version of him go in and out of clarity as we tried to get in sync with each other. He was being driven in a car. The pixelated shadows of trees made thin stripes on his shirt, making him look like he was dressed in an old jail outfit. He apologized for the less-than-ideal scenario. “If we get disconnected, just give me a call back,” he added with a welcoming southern drawl. I was on lunch at my day job in Los Angeles, sitting on a rusty divider bar in front of two cars in a parking lot. It felt like a digital rendezvous for some underground group…

Take Risk

Our hope is that the stories you will find in this sixth volume of Nations Journal give you the imagination and courage to take risk. So consider this an invitation to read and interact with these articles and dare to involve yourself with something uncertain and messy. As you do, we hope you find fresh life being offered by God to re-imagine your youthful and holy “What if’s”.

Episode 009 | Coffee With Contributors : Stanton Sharpe

We are excited to announce a new addition to our platform! ‘Coffee With Contributors’ features the Journalists, Photographers, Writers, and Film Makers who make up the vast team of contributors here at Nations Media.

In this episode, host Joel Parker sits down with Conflict Journalist & Nations Media Field Photographer, Stanton Sharpe to discuss his work in Hong Kong and Los Angeles during the protests and riots, getting arrested, and taking photos in highly dangerous locations.

Our hope is that this series gives you a better understanding of our heartbeat and vision for Nations Media.

For more information on Stanton visit

Episode 008 | Captive In Iran: Maryam Rostampour & Marziyeh Amirizadeh

Joel sits down for a conversation with Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh, authors of the book Captive in Iran, which chronicles their remarkable stories of conversion, imprisonment and release.

Theirs is a story of friendship, brought together by a shared passion for the gospel, forged on the front lines of the persecuted church, and tested in the depths of one of the worst prisons in Iran. We learned about the miraculous ways that God spoke to them in dreams and visions, empowered them to minister and witness to inmates and guards, and ultimately orchestrated their eventual release.

Maryam and Marziyeh’s story helps us to develop a more robust understanding of Iran and the growing church there. It was a conversation we were thrilled to have and are proud to bring to you.

Episode 007 | Benji Nolot

A conversation with Benji Nolot: Filmaker & Abolitionist

“I believe that human trafficking is one of the three major forces holding the planet hostage and that what we are a part of is a movement of freedom to stand up against this injustice and eradicate it. But, the work is shifting mindsets about the sex industry.”

This week on the podcast Joel sits down with Benji Nolot, a filmmaker, abolitionist, and founder of Exodus Cry, an organization dedicated to dismantling sexual slavery, human trafficking, and the porn industry. His movies, Nefarious and Liberated can be viewed on YouTube or Netflix. This conversation is a deep one, exploring many of the complex and heartbreaking realities surrounding the sex industry.

Episode 006 | Mark Foreman

In this episode, host Joel Parker sits down with Pastor and Author Mark Foreman. Mark serves as Senior Pastor at North Coast Calvary Chapel and is the author of “Wholly Jesus” and “Never Say No: Raising Big-Picture Kids”.

On the Podcast we discuss marriage, Spiritual formation, raising rock stars, and his experience in hosting the documentary Iraq: A Forgotten Hope.

Episode 005 | Jacqueline Isaac

In this episode, host Joel Parker sits down with Jacqueline Isaac, attorney and human rights activist working on behalf of women and minorities in the Middle East.

Episode 004 | Dave Eubank

In this episode, host Joel Parker sits down with Dave Eubank, former U.S. Army Special Forces officer and the founder and leader of Free Burma Rangers.

Episode 003 | Evangelization of Peace: The Radical Life of Father Louis Vitale

In this episode Max McGee, reads his featured story, “Evangelization of Peace: The Radical Life of Father Louis Vitale”.

Episode 002 | One Hundred Thousand Flames

In this episode Nations Media’s Editorial Director, Annelise Jolley, reads her featured story ‘One Hundred Thousand Flames’.

Episode 001 | Steven Elliott

In this episode Steven Elliott discusses the death of American hero Pat Tillman by “friendly fire” in Afghanistan. Steven happened to be the one who pulled the trigger, believing he and his fellow soldiers were firing on the enemy. 

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