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22nd April 2024

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Nations films capture the stark realities and surprising beauty of unfolding stories around the world.


Introducing Destinations: a hosted short form episodic docu-series exploring the lesser known corners of the globe, investigating complex narratives and discovering the individuals who are committed to the work of healing and restoration in their communities.


Introducing Dispatch: an unfolding episodic narrative documentary series from around the globe featuring passionate subjects committed to impacting the world through lives of service and risk. Embedded cinematographers bring stories to life as they unfold, inviting viewers into the emerging story rather than a dated retrospective.


A Short

After ISIS | Reviving Warzones Through Playgrounds

DOcumentary Short

Meet Dan Liesik, a multiple tour platoon leader who engaged in combat missions during the United States campaign in Iraq. He was honorably discharged from service following injuries he received in the field and now builds playgrounds in impoverished and war torn areas with an organization called Kids Around The World. 


Iraqi communities who were forced to flee during the war are now returning to their homes. But restoring cities previously home to hundreds of thousands of Iraqis is no easy task, and there is much work to be done. For Dan, helping to rebuild Iraq is an act of redemption which unites those returning to their homeland and heals the wounds of ISIS. 


Video by James Galt

Hope in the Holy Land


Nations presents an award-winning feature documentary on one of the most contested conflicts in the world.

Todd Morehead, an American Christian with a deep love for Israel, sets off on a journey across the Holy Land to confront his indifference toward the Palestinians and to search for the deeper truths behind one of the most perplexing and polarizing conflicts in the world. Along the way, he discovers the painful struggles of Jews, Muslims and Christians on both sides of the conflict. The result is an enlightening journey that exposes viewers to perspectives rarely seen in the media, and a challenge to a man’s heart to love his enemy.

Iraq: A Forgotten Hope


Mark Foreman travels to Iraq to see how the church is surviving amidst the persecution and genocide caused by ISIS. In an effort to make sense of the story, Mark meets with ethnic minorities, ISIS survivors, political and religious leaders, and reformers who stand with the marginalized at the risk of their own lives: Jeremy Courtney of Preemptive Love Coalition, Dave Eubank of Free Burma Rangers, and United Nations advocate Jacqueline Isaac of Roads of Success.

Nations Presents

Nations Presents is a flagship series of long-form in-depth conversations featuring passionate reformers, innovative creatives, and subject matter experts from a diversity of fields exploring stories, ideas and practices intent on positively transforming the world.