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12th June 2024

to the Nations platform


To the ends of the earth:

Curating the stories of reformers,

daring to move toward the danger, the fear, and the hurt.

Giving a face to compassion and hope

and discovering voices worthy to be heard.


About Nations Media

Nations is a platform curating stories that engage the problems and complexities of the world without surrendering the hope of healing, offering an invitation for members to join a diverse movement of positive global change.

Who we are

Core Values

Beauty: No matter how dark the circumstances, we tirelessly mine for the inextinguishable dignity, nobility and wonder in everything that is fuel for hope.

Life-Risk: Willing to leave perceived safety and venture into places of peril, covering the courage of those prepared to lose their lives in service of something greater.

Reformation: We seek to highlight and elevate the people who are committed to persevering in hope, seeking creative solutions to the complex problems of the world while embodying the virtues of Jesus.

Advocacy: Entering deeply into stories and situations we seek a holistic understanding, honoring it with truthful representation to invite engagement.

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