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12th June 2024

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Nations Presents: Dave Eubank

In this episode, host Joel Parker sits down with Dave Eubank, former U.S. Army Special Forces officer and the founder and leader of Free Burma Rangers.

For the past four years, Dave and his family have provided humanitarian aid to those whose homes and lives were destroyed by ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The Eubanks and Free Burma Rangers joined the Iraqi army to fight the battle of Mosul from beginning to end, where Dave lost close friends and was wounded four times himself.

“We fought for our lives. When it was over, I should have been dead.”

Listen to Dave share about fighting and forgiving ISIS, reconciling violence with following Jesus, and the beauty of Iraq.

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Joel Parker

Joel Parker

Since 2005, Joel has served as founder and CEO of Nations Media. Joel’s passion is to advocate for those working to bring hope to the world's darkest places.