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21st April 2024

to the Nations platform

David Westerlund

David Westerlund lives and delights in serendipitous encounters in Bellingham, Washington. He daily explores the question: “Who am I going to be in the face of it all?” In 2017 he received a study grant project, funded by the Louisville Institute, exploring of the impact of improv with those on the margins and those in the mainstream church. For the last several years he worked for a non-profit ministry called Tierra Nueva that comes alongside marginalized people affected by addiction, incarceration, and immigration. Various streams of his life are now coming to a confluence as he builds a new venture facilitating improv workshops for non-profits, schools, churches, businesses, and for people re-entering communities from incarceration, those struggling with anxiety, and those in recovery from addiction. He believes that when we are vulnerable with each other, and feel supported, trust is built, and when it’s in a context of play, joy emerges. This joy and trust make us resilient and this is gravely needed in our day. BePresentDiscoverJoy.com

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