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21st April 2024

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Annelise Jolley

Annelise is a San Diego-based writer and editor interested in stories that galvanize, build bridges, and prompt action. She serves as Editorial Director for Nations Journal.

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Brianna Lantz

Brianna is a San Diego-based writer and editor with a passion for relationship, adventure, and storytelling. She is currently working as Vice President of Nations

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Dorothy Huynh

Dorothy is a Seattle-based graphic designer and lifestyle/wedding photographer. Her eye for clean and timeless design brought her to Nations where she currently serves as

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Max McGee

Max is a San Diego-based software developer who studied Political Science at UCLA and computer programming at Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco. His heart for

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Kelli Redfield

Kelli is a San Diego-based creative director with several years of experience in the print journalism industry. Kelli’s passion for modern day Gospel stories brought

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James Galt

James Galt is a California native who’s gotten really good at sleeping on couches. This is a nice way of saying he spends too much

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Gregory Woodman

Gregory is a San Diego-based photographer and creative director. His love of storytelling through imagery led him to Nations where he currently serves as Photo

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