Iraq: A Forgotten Hope | Nations


24th February 2024

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Iraq: A Forgotten Hope

Pastor and author Mark Foreman explores places with complex narratives where the church is alive and active. Mark travels to Iraq to see how the church is surviving amidst the persecution and genocide caused by ISIS.

“Iraq: A Forgotten Hope”
The Middle East is an ancient land with a complicated narrative. Today in Northern Iraq, the story seems muddier than ever. A modern evil has brought devastation and genocide, pushing some of Iraq’s oldest people groups to the verge of extinction. In an effort to make sense of the story, Mark meets with ethnic minorities, ISIS survivors, and political and religious leaders. He also speaks to reformers who stand with the marginalized at the risk of their own lives: Jeremy Courtney of Preemptive Love Coalition, Dave Eubank of Free Burma Rangers, and United Nations advocate Jacqueline Isaac of Roads of Success.