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19th July 2024

to the Nations platform

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Nations Media

Please familiarize yourself with our content before pitching a story. You can read the latest articles here.

We are currently accepting pitches for the following categories:

1. Features (2,500-4,000 words)
2. Long-form interviews (2,000-3,000 words)
3. Personal essays/Opinion (1,000-2,500 words)
4. Reformer Profiles (1,500-2,500 words)
5. Photo Essays (500-word introduction plus photo selects)
6. Dispatches from Abroad (800-1,000 words)

Content Philosophy

We place ourselves at the nexus of journalistic reporting and creative storytelling, drawing inspiration from National Geographic and VICE, as well as from contemplative poetry (think Wendell Berry), literary fiction (think Flannery O’Connor), and documentary journalism (think Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown). Reporting should be visceral, evocative, and point back to the Gospel’s subversive hope.

As artists who are Christians, we hold our work to the highest visual, literary, and technical standards. We believe art-making is an act of stewardship and worship.

Nations tells stories about individual reformers—those people planted in difficult places for the sake of the Gospel—not causes, current events, or organizations. To this end, we are not interested in missions trip reports or nonprofit profiles. Stories should flow from an individual’s journey rather than an institution’s program.

We seek contributing artists who elevate stories of hope, are concerned with injustice across borders and cultures, and use their gifts to advocate for others with dignity and compassion.

We do not take political stances and instead let an individual’s story of transformation speak for itself. Nations Media does not merely report on current events; we seek stories that stand the test of time.

Ready to pitch?

Great—we’re ready to hear from you! We have an editorial meeting to review content once a month. If we like your pitch, we’ll be in touch.

Include a tentative title and 4-6 sentences about the story. What is your angle? Who is the reformer? What is your reporting strategy?

A Note About Rates:

We are a nonprofit organization that produces independent, Christian media. We offer payment for feature stories, long-form interviews and reformer profiles, and select essays. Rates range from $100 to $250.  

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