19th July 2024

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When Shane Claiborne entered the Zoom call, I could see a low-fidelity version of him go in and out of clarity as we tried to get in sync with each other. He was being driven in a car. The pixelated shadows of trees made thin stripes on his shirt, making him look like he was dressed in an old jail outfit. He apologized for the less-than-ideal scenario. “If we get disconnected, just give me a call back,” he added with a welcoming southern drawl. I was on lunch at my day job in Los Angeles, sitting on a rusty divider bar in front of two cars in a parking lot. It felt like a digital rendezvous for some underground group…

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Walter Cabal

Walter Cabal

Walter Cabal is a Filipino-Japanese American writer. He makes lenses out of words helping readers recover inspiration in the people and objects of the ordinary world. His coverage of international artists, designers, and culture-makers has been published inside and outside of the US. As the lead product designer and senior copy writer for Cabal Crafted studio, he has spoken at the university level about the importance of imagination and humanity among spaces and objects. Walter earned his Philosophy degree from UC Riverside and currently resides in the greater LA area. Browse more at