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20th July 2024

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A Letter From Our Founder

Watching the slow murder of George Floyd should have been incomprehensible. I’ve witnessed a flood of emotions and responses wash over social media that have mirrored my own internal world: anger, confusion, grief, hopelessness, and a sense of helplessness that has tempted me towards despair. I’ve found myself asking the tired question again, “Why is this still happening?”

The only conclusion is that racism continues to infect all corners of our personal and public lives. It is a disease that was not cured by the Clapham Sect, Emancipation Proclamation, the overturning of Jim Crow, Jackie Robinson joining the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Watts riots, MLK’s March on Washington, the Rodney King riots, and other markers and movements in the fight for racial equality. 

We must now carry the banner of the abolitionist. 

Like the reformers of the past, it is our duty to learn from, advocate for, and unite with the black community to see to this disease cured. 

For me, the cost of carrying the banner of the abolitionist looks like this:

Confession: Vocalizing the need for forgiveness of my sin, my community’s sin, and our nation’s sin.  

Repentance: The cognitive choice to turn from that sin and move in a new and holy direction.

Engagement: Refraining from the temptation of remaining idle. Continuing to champion the black community through listening, learning, partnering, and loving them as brothers and sisters. 

So how are we responding as an organization? 

Nations Media was born out of the desire to advocate for Gospel-centered reformers. The way we advocate for reformers is by telling their story with care and beauty, and by extending an invitation for the audience to participate in the work of mending the broken pieces of our world.

George Floyd was the type of reformer we would have liked to feature, a man committed to his faith and to seeing healing and justice impact his community. We are choosing to walk in the continued reformation of George Floyd. We recommit to the Gospel and the power it has to heal us, our neighbor, our community, and our world. We recommit to advocating for those working to free the oppressed and liberate the captives, and to let their voices lead us.

We acknowledge the reformer George Floyd was and we will continue to champion the things he cared for. 

We acknowledge the need to advocate for George Floyd and the black community at this time. 

We acknowledge the beauty George Floyd carried, and the fullness of the image of God displayed in all black people. 

We acknowledge the life-risk of being black in the United States. George Floyd’s life was stripped from him by the sin of murder. 

Over the next few days, we will share the voices and stories of black reformers, and invite you to learn from them and join the work of abolition they have begun.

Much love,

Joel Parker
Founder and President

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Joel Parker

Joel Parker

Since 2005, Joel has served as founder and CEO of Nations Media. Joel’s passion is to advocate for those working to bring hope to the world's darkest places.