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19th July 2024

to the Nations platform


At Nations, we believe in walking the long road with our reformers. This trip—in which we met Ekhlas—was only the beginning of a long-term relationship with Jacqueline, Roads of Success | Tech Over Trauma, Ekhlas, and the other rescued girls.

This June we will be returning to Konstanz, Germany with a small team that will include trauma counselors, mentors, a biblical meditation coach, and English teachers. Two teachers from the Tech Over Trauma program, who have already spent two years mentoring and teaching through Skype, will be meeting some of these girls for the first time in person. Our time together will involve mentorship, empowerment therapy, tech training, and biblical meditation.

If you are interested in being involved, here are a few ways to join: 

  1. Pray! We covet your prayers for these sweet girls and their journey of healing.
  2. Give financially to the cost of the trip. (Mention Germany in the memo; donations are tax-deductible.)
  3. Donate new, unopened arts and craft supplies.
  4. Write letters! If you are strapped for cash but want to send encouragement and love to these girls, please do so by writing them letters! This form of encouragement has blessed them in the past and we hope to shower them with these again. Please contact Brianna Lantz for a mailing address.