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12th June 2024

to the Nations platform

We Invite You…

To join the movement of contributors, creatives and reformers that are partnering together to bring sacred stories of God’s transforming love to a world hungry for hope. 

As 2021 draws to a close, we wanted to extend an invitation to you, our partners in this work. We at Nations Media have been given a unique opportunity to tell the stories of reformers around the world. The people around the world doing real kingdom work. The people who dedicate their entire lives to clothing the widow and the orphan, doing racial reconciliation work, people helping to create peace in the middle east, those caring for immigrants… and God has chosen us to tell their story, what an honor. We want to invite you into this important work so more people can see the faces, learn the names and hear the stories of these heroes of the faith. Will you join us this next year as we help shine the light on all that God is doing in the world? We cannot do this work without you. 


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